Hearty Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Hearty Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Soup is great any time of the year. We’ve our usual Spring cold snap here, and the chilly weather had me looking for a soup that was quick and easy. Something rich and hearty, too. I found a great, hearty Chicken & Mushroom Soup recipe in my recently acquired copy of the “New” Fannie Farmer […]

How to Clean Up your Facebook Feed

CLean Up Your FB Feedd

Ever heard of Facebook? If you’re reading this, of course you have. Statistically, you spend 40-50 minutes a day on the world largest social media platform.  Is that time spent scrolling through endless memes and people you don’t know? Is the content relevant to you? Exactly. Here’s how to make your Facebook feed easier to browse, […]

Repair a Foundation Corner

Fix a Foundation Pop

A Mason I am not. But when my Realtor hubby asked me to help him repair a foundation corner pop, I figured I could probably handle it. A “corner pop” is when the corner of a house’s foundation cracks, and pops off. This isn’t usually a structural issue, but it can cause a few problems. […]

Creativity and Living Simply

creativity and simple living~ theflyingc.net

Creativity isn’t just crayons and art brushes. Everyone benefits from creative expression! It is a uniquely human experience, and can help connect us to our inner selves, our kids, our community, or our history. To tap into your artistic spirit is both healthy and fulfilling, regardless of your background or level of expertise. Creativity meshes […]